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Website & Blog Content UpdatesIf there is one thing that is extremely essential for a successful online web presence, it is your ability to regularly update your website with useful, well written, keyword rich content on a regular basis.

Let's face the facts - Search Engines such as Google & web surfers love relevant content and lots of it. If you are relatively new to the online world, you can afford to have a small website. However, a five page website is no longer enough to build loyal customers, returing visitors & traffic for your website, especially those who bookmark your site and keep coming back for more useful information, products and services. Hence, as time passes, it is recommended to update your business website regularly with Company Press Releases, useful & informational articles that offer great value to your target audiences on a continuous basis.

Updating your website regularly with relevant, engaging & customer friendly content is a time consuming job and is not always easy, especially when it is not your forte. However, when you Hire our Content Updation services  & Content Rewriting Services to meet your website's content needs, you get the time to concentrate on your core competencies while we concentrate on ours!

Get us on board & we will give web visitors enough reasons to come back to your website regularly, thus ensuring plently of repeat traffic to your website.
Under Content Updates & Rewriting Services, we offer -

    Article Writing: If you want to showcase your company as an expert in your field of business, you must portray your knowledge and experience through the resources that you offer on your website. Keyword rich, well written articles are a great tool to achieve this. We write useful, high quality & SEO articles that attract visitors & search engines to your website regularly.

    Blog Post Writing: Your company blog is a very valuable tool at your disposal if used correctly. Hire Us to update your blog regularly with interesting & informative blog posts that give you an opportunity to interact with your readers and receive their feedback instantly.

    Copywriting - New Product Launches: Every time you launch a new product or service, we can help you to publicise this information using our copywriting skills. Announce your new offerings to customers and prospective customers to watch your business grow.

    Social Media Content & Promotion: Social media websites are very popular tools for creating a buzz around your new product launches and upcoming Events. Under this service, we write promotional content for your website, blogs & Facebook page, Twitter as well as LinkedIn page, etc, the aim being to showcase & announce your company's upcoming Conferences & Events.

    Rewriting Old, Outdated Website Content - We breathe fresh life into old, outdated existing content on your website & blog, giving it a whole new, fresh perspective. Additionally, we search engine optimise rewritten content, making it more valuable for readers & search engines alike.


Hire Brain tag India's Content Updates Services & concentrate on what you do best!

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"Encouraging Words from Clients"

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Why should you Regularly Update your Website / Blog?

  •     By updating your website regularly, you have the opportunity to build it into a rich and large resource that can offer great value to readers.
  •     Adding new articles, press releases, news pieces and other relevant information helps to keep your website fresh and relevant.
  •     Being visible in the eyes of your customers and clients is imperative if you want to create your brand presence and fight competition. One of the best ways of doing this is to update your website and blog, every time you organise a conference or event or participate in an industry event, trade fair. Create a webpage around it and inform your customers about it.
  •     Your Company Blog, if updated regularly and utilized properly, helps to keep in touch with customers and enables you to keep the conversation going.

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