I Have A Website , How to Get Business From It ?

  • 5 May 2017
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In this article you will about to learn what are the important things for your website and your website visitors to increase your business reputation and revenue.

There are two Major phases which can increase both your business reputation and revenue, First is your website design second is your website promotion . In this article we will discuss about Website Design  & how to optimize a website to achieve your business goals

A Good Design

Do You believe “First impression is the last impression”  ? No ?? keep on reading and you will start believing in this Quotation
 Think :- You have a website, user came to your website and see what your website possess  and then Just gone with in a second !
Do You know why ??
Because of your website structure and bad  presentation of products or content. Trust Me, That user will never come on your website and waste his/her precious time , there are many other websites which are delivering the same information & services with well maintained customized presentation .

So ,Website with a good & attractive design plays a beneficial role in these days of internet world . A Good & well maintained structure of your website can attract more users on your website , The design should be well maintained and divided into different sections according to your website content or products. A Neat & clean structural website will definitely win the race in which lacks of people are running. 

Only good website design can’t defeat your competitors and achieve your business objectives ,Note that : content is the KING of your website without content a website is like a html page or a theme !! The content should be crystal clear and reflect your business nature and your products description, The content should be easy to read and not hard to be understand , Users of your website should be able to understand what you are trying to convey. Try to divide the information into pieces it makes user comfortable to read your information because user doesn’t like to read a 1000 word paragraph so try to compress your information in less words.


If the content is the king of websites then we can say that images are the queen. yes images play a vital role on websites, images makes your website more attractive also makes your product presentation more beautiful, Lets Take an example:-You are searching for something & you got 2 relevant results for your search query.  one with relevant images other only with text, which one you choose to read ??
I know the answer and you too.

=>Including images with blog post increases 55% more views !!

But there are certain things you need to ensure before placing the images on your website
–  Is the images are copy Righted ?

–  Image should reflect your brand or product nature.

–  Is your competitor has that images on his/her website already ?


Story Line

It also reflects the nature of your business brand and work procedures , story line helps user to know about your services , products in short. So make your business website story line crystal clear and well presented.



Call To Action

Call to action can be a image ,text , line, button that makes your visitors & user to take action on your website


The action you want to take your users could be anything , filling contact form , download file, get a coupon, get a Quote & anything according to your website nature n data .

Live Chat 

Generally live chat support used  by business websites, Because it allows business to decrease customer care service response time and increase your website customer satisfaction. It allow your website users to quick interact with your company if user has any doubt or enquiry Live chat will enable companies to decrease the overall cost of providing customer via toll free numbers or telephone support line it saves the  caller  telecaller salary  and toll free number cost.[divider]


Social Network  Sharing Button 


First of all “its a free advertising” many website owners think that social sharing button on websites are useless or make website to look ugly but they don’t know, oncethey start working on your website it will be unstoppable  people will recognize your website once like , tweets and sharing start increasing . don’t believe me ?? just implement these social sharing button on your website  and  try it for yourself , you will definitely surprised by the power of social sharing button, you can see the sharing buttons at the bottom of my this post you can share my this post on every social network Thanks in advance if you going to share this post .



Fetch Customers to Your Website :- A blog is a great way to get visitors to come to your main website , whether your blog is on your website or off- site , with the help of blog you can place links pointing back to your main website which helps you  to direct your blog visitors to your website products, contact form, promotions & more. Blogs also help to bring new customers by continually adding new pages and content to your blog . blog always plays a vital role to increase your website or business customers by attracting visitors using search engines looking for solutions , information on a particular topics.

Keep your website fresh and active with new content :- Do you know ? search engines are hungry for information so , if you have unique information then search engines will crawl your blog daily and index your blog pages on search index. it increases the page authority and also help to increase visitors of your website. its easy to make a post on blog rather than make a new page on your website , Correct ??


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