Steps to Grow Instagram Accounts

  • 23 Apr 2019
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Social media marketing is undeniable force to promote products and services. Likewise Facebook, Instagram is also magical tool for marketing if it is used in the right direction. Instagram has 700 million monthly users and 4 billion likes per day. Instagram marketing is becoming famous amongst marketing service providers

Sometimes it becomes difficult to get noticed in Instagram. Be patient, in this article you will learn how to grow your brand on Instagram.  The key to it is consistency. One should be consistent in theme, content, uploading time. Yes yes! I understand it is a daunting task for business owners and bloggers. Create engaging content to engage your clients to get a market place on Instagram.


By following the below-mentioned steps you can grow your Instagram accounts swiftly.

1. Find a realistic name for your Instagram account

Instagram marketers should pick a unique name to grab their beloved clientele. Name of Instagram marketing should be searchable. Name is the creative asset in a whole Instagram marketing campaign.

2.Personize your brand by the of Instagram marketing

People would love to read stories of the real man behind the brand. It will add beauty to the Instagram marketing campaign. Take little time to write a bio, it will show your instinct towards this brand.

3.Using right hashtags

Social media marketing service providers fail to add the right hashtags. Don’t commit blunder by using wrong hashtags as it will give the wrong impression. Research your niche carefully before marketing on Instagram. Evaluate competitors’ page.

4.Join a comment pond

Join an amplified version of a group of people. You can participate in commenting on their pod. Posting regular comment will increase the visibility of your Instagram accounts. It is an incredibly effective method to get more followers and increasing likes to the post.

5.Collaboration with others

To reach out to more targeted followers, Instagrammers collaborate on a relevant project. By working on collaboration marketer will get premium access to potential flowers to create a niche. You can create engaging content for the community. Mind well community is the king of Instagram marketing.

6.Giveaway Prizes

To create buzz on your Instagram account, give away plays a crucial role. You can create terms for giving away. The giveaway should engage clients to be active spending time on your accounts.

7. Be social

Being social can be a time-consuming process but it will result in increase into potential. Using thoughtful comments in public will give a long-lasting impression in the mind of the customers. Commenting will increases visibility. Make sure you are interacting in DMs with your followers and fans.

8.Creating a teaser

Teaser always brings excitement. Create a teaser in order to create engaging content. Make the content more visible and infographic, it will add newness to Instagram marketing.  It will bring a sense of excitement in your account.

9.Exploring data behind Instagram

Find the best time to post on Instagram. Evaluate the intensity of growth of your followers it will help to strategize Instagram marketing plan. Researching post engagement through Instagram analytics to gather perfect ideas. Try to get organic followers.

You should follow at least 20% of your followers. Followers should be healthy to participate in commenting and liking a post. Choose caption words crucially and tactfully. Give a more human touch to caption it will humanize the feelings of your followers. Ask few questions to followers by adding various forums. Visually plan your Instagram accounts straight from your desk in order to ensure followers and gather potential clientele base. Try paid promotion to deal with premium followers.

There are many ways to grow an Instagram account. An Instagrammer must adopt the right marketing strategy at the right time at right place and in front of the right people. Posting absolutely awesome is the only key to grow your Instagram faster.


mayank singh

26 Apr 2019 01:23:04pm