Why Small Business Also Need A Website Is it worth the time and money ?

  • 5 May 2017
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They usually have one of four reasons for asking the question.


  1. They are being found online already by potential customers seeing business directory listings in search results.
  2. Their business is successful anyway without one
  3. They have heard that mobile apps are the latest marketing essential, not a website.
  4. They are scared to take the plunge because they don’t know where to start and have heard website horror stories from other business owner.

All of these reasons are quite valid, but I believe none of them is a strong enough reason to ignore having your own website

1. The Power of Internet Search Results.

Why Small Business Also Need A Website

Most businesses have potential customers who will use the internet to search for products or services they are looking for. Whilst your business may appear in the organic search results because of directory listings, it should be your aim to get your business appearing a number of times on the front page of the search results.


2. You Need Ownership.

This is very simple. You might get found online through directory listings or through your social media accounts,

You Need Ownership

ternetal estate. If Facebook decided to take your account down or the business directory company went out of business you would lose the internet presence you were banking on to bring you new customers.rebut you do not own any of that in Having a website where you own the content and the domain i.e. the web address and you host it yourself, is the only way to ensure your business internet presence stays constant

3. It will expand your audience greatly.

expand your audience greatly

Having a website opens up your business and your business and your products to a global audience, which is especially important if you utilize your website as an e-store. Selling your products online is a great way to supplement your offline business, and even if you’re not selling a product even the simplest of websites offers exposure to a free market otherwise left untapped.


4. 24/7 Customer Service.
 24/7 Customer Service.

A website can work for you while your business is closed, allowing customers to figure out vital information they would otherwise have to wait to have answered

(or sit through your answering machine recording), which often results in losing a sale.


5. We Live In a 24/7 World

 We Live In a 24/7 World

With digital advances and a changing society, we are getting used to having access to businesses 24/7. Unless you are going to have someone sitting waiting for the phone ring all day everyday, you are missing business opportunities. The Internet doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t need to nip out for lunch or take a holiday.


6. Having a website makes you more Discoverable.

 Having a website makes you more Discoverable.

Getting discovered online goes beyond search engine results, and having a website with well thought out key words, proper encoding, and appropriate classification aids in having your business information indexed on GPS devices, social media, and other websites that index your business’s information for users to access.


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