Why the mobile-friendly site drive more traffic?

  • 13 Jun 2019
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Why the mobile-friendly site drive more traffic?

Probability is higher than you have heard from the digital marketing company or web designer that your site requires to be mobile friendly if you wish to be in the competition in today's digital market.

When the mobile competition came into existence, then many companies got into competition for making their websites mobile-friendly, but for this who have not yet made the switch, so you may be thinking of having the mobile-friendly website which is very essential for your corporations and business.

Importance of mobile-friendly sites

Internet in mobile phones

Around October, traffic of mobile surpassed the traffic of desktop on the internet. For the earliest 3 years ago, people access the internet from their tablets or mobile phones more than the computer, PC or desktop. The traffic of desktop has been reducing for many of years ago and the internet in mobile is continuously growing.

It has been made the assumption that by the end of this current year, mobile would access all sites and accounts for around 79% of all web traffic. This just means that people are seeing the desktop versions of your website for only 20 percent. If your website does not work very well or see the correct format and layout on the mobile devices? Studies have shown that people will just stop visiting it in favor of the website which offers better experiences of mobiles.

Google search engine says that around 61% are not likely to return to the mobile-friendly site which had difficulty in accessing and 40% comes to visit the website of a computer.


Browsing way by your audience

By the overall trends of mobile, there are some of the industries where most of the traffic of websites comes from the desktop of computers. Analyze the buyer for getting the better idea of how your audience browses the website. Mobile is very crucial to the local services industries such as services of a locksmith. Someone is in need of urgent service of roadside is certainly trying to search for the local business using their mobile devices. For such comprehensive images, you need to review your analytics of Google data for seeing the devices your visitors uses.

But, the smartphones may be more essential for some of the industries than others, the user prefers and browse the habits which are not the things for recognizing the regards to the mobile-friendly site.


SEO and mobile-friendly site

Of all such factors seen by Google, deciding the method of getting ranks of your site in search engines, usability of mobiles is ranked as the third most essential of all the factors. Google search engine made a higher shift to mobile when it was announced that it would crawl the versions of mobiles of the website before the versions of the desktop. Later on, Google is trying to take the ranking signals from the versions of mobile of your site, and not the versions of the desktop. It could affect Google rankings.

Responsive design site with mobile friendly

If you have developed or re-designed your site in the past years, then chances are there of your developer using responsive designs. this design accepts the display of your site to the size of the screen of the smart device in use. In some situations, this clearly means that auto-resizing of the content according to mobile phones. And in other situations, it can mean the drastically different appearance with the simplified or different contents, with navigation according to the mobile size.

Some of the corporations realize that the majority of their traffic comes from the mobile and that they cannot pass the exact message or user experience using the responsive website’s version so that they develop an application. Amazon is one of the company’s example which realize that its large site would be very hard for using on the mobile device, thus the same as the popularity of their app.

To maintain the accurate version of both mobile and desktop websites may not be the better using of your resources. Again do the survey on the analytics of web for seeing how so many people use your website when wishing to decide how to allocate the website development and optimized resources.


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