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News Letters Communicating with clients is essential in today’s business world. A monthly corporate newsletter plays a critical part in your overall service provider communication strategy.

Do you have a corporate newsletter you can be proud of?

Having a monthly corporate newsletter that allows you to communicate with your client base, vendors and your new prospects is an essential part of your MSP marketing plan. Brain Tag India provides you, your vehicle to structure your MSP (Managed services provide) newsletter.

“Our believes that each MSP is unique and deserves to have its culture shown in all of its marketing. We want each MSP to be different, because you are different,” said Vikram Malihan, Brain Tag’s founder and chief marketing strategist.

Get Brain Tag MSP newsletter services, you will receive:

  •  Customized MSP newsletter template.
  •  Monthly MSP newsletter sent around the middle of each month.
  •  Training and consulting on how to best deliver a corporate newsletter.

Our service can be purchased as a monthly subscription or with one-time fee that includes all the training required to successfully launch an MSP newsletter strategy.

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