CRM Brain - One Stop Solution

Are you still using age old ways of managing your business & facing challenges for growth and revenue?

Do you still believe investment in new age technology and best practice is not worth its money?

Think Twice as Brain Tag CRM Software solution is a One Stop Solution for major business challenges and healthier revenue.

Challenges faced you are facing

  • Loss of Leads, Opportunity and Revenue because of higher Employee Attrition
  • Unnecessary Inventory because of Bloated Projections
  • Irregular & untimely follow ups leads to loss of sales opportunities
  • Increased service cost due to Unviable Service Contracts
  • Lack of coordination between sales staff on street and team at office

Solutions by CRMBrain

  • Complete Contact & Follow up History.
  • Sales Projection & Sales Funnel Report for accurate forecast.
  • Constant Alerts and Reminders.
  • Accurate AMC Profitability Report
  • Sales Mantra CRM Mobile Apps for real time business summary in your palm


It will be your Business Manager


Brain Tag CRM solution works as an effective Business Manager. It manages following aspects of a business operation with

  • Outmost transparency and accuracy.
  • Lead Generation
  • Contact Management
  • High Impact Email
  • Mass E-mail, SMS
  • Account manager
  • MIS Contact



  • Sales Force Management
  • Appointments / Things to Do
  • Sales Call Management
  • Alerts / Feedback
  • Closed Enquiry
  • Library Files
  • Targets


On the GO

Brain Tag CRM is an online software solution supported by Mobile Apps too, it readily delivers crystal clear perspective in terms of

  • product requirement, product capabilities, pricing and
  • organization strength.Hence, your real time business
  • summary remains in your palm, WHEREVER
  • YOU GO... Don't wait for things to happen.
  • Rather, make them happen.
  • Put your workplace in your palm and stay connected ...


  1. Fast Paperwork - Quick quotation submission.
  2. Search/Add Enquiry:- Search and add new enquiries.
  3. Instant Allocation:- Assign opportunities to sales team.
  4. Things to Do:- View, plan and update your daily tasks & schedule.
  5. Real time information- Updated Information with the management all the time.
  6. Customer Feedback - Instant Customer feedback for service & his Digital Signature.
  7. Alert and Reminders:- Quick response to sales call via important alerts & reminders.
  8. Reports - Reports come automatically, hence no time wastage in writing reports separately.
  9. Time Management - Non Selling time wasted while travelling or waiting can be utilized effectively.
  10. Complaint Management:- It increase customer satisfaction by viewing customer complaint, update it after resolving from client site itself with client signature.



Moreover CRMBrain provides reports and analytics which are generated from the system every morning and enables to direct business with complete and most accurate information. Few of the important reports are


  • Sales Prospects Funnel Reports (Hot, Cold, Exploratory)
  • Sales Projection Reports (Weekly, Monthly, Bimonthly)
  • Orders pending for shipment Report
  • Sales Prospects Summary Reports
  • Target v/s Achievement Report
  • Complaint Status Reports
  • Value Addition Report
  • Order Received Report
  • Expense Report


Software Pays for itself

CRM Brain is worth every penny invested with meritorious benefits like

  • Increased Employee Satisfaction
  • Higher customer satisfaction & revenue
  • Improved Productivity & quality of delivery


CRM used in industry

  1. Education
  2. Engineering
  3. pharmaceutical
  4. publications
  5. Logistics
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Automotive products
  8. Hospitality
  9. Services

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