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The main goals for the hospital management software are to engage the patients in the practice of it effectively and efficiently. As per research, it is shown that management of cost-effectiveness for maintenance of the growth and satisfaction of patient which is the biggest challenges faced by the small or large hospitals. And this rapid and quick growth in the number of patients without any scales by the supporting systems involves the gaps which produce the poor service and inefficient operations.


Brain Tag India which provides ERP hospital management software has brought this hospital software which will transform your hospital and medical practice get to operate. This ERP software provides the simplification of the workflow where the lifecycle of the patient at the hospital generates the claims and decreases no shows.


To maintain the power control and management over the administration tasks such as scheduling the appointment, drugs, and inventory and its accounting with HRM (Human Resource Management) is now just one click away. It assures that the goals of the medical practice on their focus of offering the quality treatment, billings and their materials required in the structured format.


Features included in the system

For reaching success height today, you have to know exactly where you are now, and where you are going. The overall operations of a hospital for keeping the fingers on the data such as seeing the list of a number of patients, appointments series, count of patients according to doctors, profit or revenue per department of various doctors, claims of insurance by clients via dashboard summary.

Brain Tag India provides you with the best hospital management ERP which makes your work easier as well as accurate.


•    records of medical electronically

To manage the patients easily and its history via EMR for configuration and support. It offers you an easy way for accessing the summary of the patient while maintenance of the strong and powerful confidentiality between the records of patients and hospital management. You can scan and upload some of the essential documents to this system from their visits to doctor to the complaints or prescription, observations, tests, treatment, reminders, follow up, and even any diagnosis. This feature is added in the ERP software.


•    Scheduling the appointments

The provision to register the number of appointments via application of phone or mobile. Availability of doctor is always available in some time slots which is helpful for the patients to book appointments at some convenient timing. This appointments booking is in all ways possible such as online, phone or direct walk-in.

Details of appointment reminders can be also configured for sending the patients via notifications, e-mail, and SMS. This system supports the cancellation of appointment, rescheduling and swapping appointment. It is easy to get an appointment and schedule it with the checking of available doctors, staff, resources, rooms, and equipment with their entries in color-coded calendar. It also supports the scheduling via drag and drop.


•    Management of visiting

Patients can get appointments and view the hours of doctors or hospital via application of mobile. To its addition, the patients can view their reports, bills and receive the codes for any discount and notification via reminder.


•    Claim of insurance

For configuration of insurance providers with many different policies and schemes which is based on the pricing of every service. There are provisions who wish to pre-approve their claims for patients.

Thus, many more features are included in the hospital management software provided by the best ERP software company in Delhi named Brain Tag India. Thus, for making your work easier and secure, and for the best management of your clinic or hospital, go with the hospital management software.


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